Monday, April 4

Even Facebook Has a Reminder

Today is Mine and Adam's 2 year anniversary. And yes, Facebook thought I would forget about it.
Since Monday nights are a weekly family dinner with my parents at Stained Glass Pub for pizza, we celebrated on Saturday. We went into downtown Silver Spring for dinner at Macaroni Grill, and then to Color Me Mine.
Adam and I made a mug for each other.
I made a skull and cross bones for Adam, he painted some flowers for me.
Though he wasn't too happy with his own work...
...I'm excited to see how they turn out when I pick them up later this week.

That was the excitement of our anniversary, which was enough for me. I know some people would insist on a vacation or an expensive present of some sort, but we are saving our money for other things and I just got a pretty expensive birthday gift. So I am happy.

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