Tuesday, April 5

Shake Your Booty

In yet another attempt to get my weight loss workouts under control I finally decided to order Yoga Booty Ballet.
I had seen the infomercial years ago, and thought it looked like fun. I never ordered it before because I didn't know if it would actually work, be fun, and manageable enough for me to use it.

Then my sister sent me an e-mail. She is now a Team Beach Body coach. She had lost all of the baby weight from Kaelyn (plus some) using the workout program Insanity. Her husband is seeing results with the program P90x. Since they had both seen results from these programs, sold by beach body, She decided to become a coach. So I asked her about the Yoga Booty Ballet, and she said she had heard good things about it. I ordered it.

Then Fed Ex lost it! After calling them, talking with different reps, and this driver himself, I had to call Beach Body and report it lost. They are thankfully sending me a new one, soon I hope.
Now I wait for it to arrive so I can start using it in the mornings (I am working out at school in the afternoons with my coworkers already). I hope this keeps me motivated so I actually use it more than once.

Laura did not ask me to post this for her, or promote her as a coach, but since I am documenting my own weight loss journey I am just sharing my resources. If you are looking for help or guidance in weight loss, toning, or building muscle definition, take a look at the programs offered through Beach Body, then contact Laura with any of your questions.

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