Thursday, April 7

Birthday Round-Up Part 3

It's here! The one thing I have been wanting for a few years is finally mine :) Meet my new camera, the Cannon Rebel.

Adam was very thoughtful and got it for me for my birthday.
Of course Grover was my first subject. Look how cute he is.
That's a face only a mother could love...

Now to play around with it, figure out all the settings, and find things to shoot. I am so excited!


  1. That is so exciting Diana! But how did you take a picture of the camera?!? :). I always thought you were great at taking pictures. You see things that others would pass over.

  2. haha I took the picture of the camera with my kodak. I really want to get down to take pics of the cherry blossoms but the festival is this weekend and will be so crowded.


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