Saturday, April 9

Here I Go Again

If you pay attention to this blog (which is doubtful that anyone really does, other than Lisa) You would have noticed my weigh-in for this week was missing. Yeah, that was on purpose. I'm up again (as of Tuesday's weight) and around my starting weight (as of this morning) and am not really seeing any change- despite working out 4 days a week and having a slimfast for breakfast each morning.
Feeling a little down about this caused me to get back onto MFP, which I had not logged into for a few months. I guess I really do need to track the food I am eating and see exactly what calories I am consuming vs what I expend.
But for the good news- Beach Body has sent me a replacement for the package FedEx lost last week. It is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday so I think I will try it out Wednesday. That with working out each afternoon should get me back on track.

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