Tuesday, February 8

Weigh In #1


Not too bad, except that last week I was wearing my snow boots and heavier clothes. This week I was wearing very light layer of clothing and only 1 1/2 pounds lighter!? What is frustrating the most is that it is still 2 lbs heavier than what my scale at home says. I do happen to weigh myself in the morning, before breakfast, and practically naked. So by the time I get dressed, have coffee or breakfast, and get to school there could definitely be a weight difference.

Talking about breakfast, this is a tricky subject. Sometimes I wake up soooo hungry, and so I eat right away. But then  I get to work and am hungry again before 9:00. Other times I do not wake up hungry, so I wait to have breakfast at school, which means either eating school breakfast or packing something like a banana.  I know breakfast is 'the most important meal of the day' so I want to change my habits. I will still have my coffee, but I plan on switching to Slim-Fast. Not that I think it will be a miracle weight loss solution, but I think I need to eat a healthy breakfast with enough protein to hold me until my lunch at 10:45 (I know, so early, right? But hey, that's what happens at an elementary school). 

My mom used to give us Slim-Fast for breakfast in high school because it was the only way we would have breakfast some mornings. Her thought was 'better that than nothing'. So I'm hopeful that this little change will help keep me on track. 

And yes, I bought the powder so I can mix it myself in my immersion blender. I like it better a little frothier and thicker than what comes in the can.

And by the way, did you know Slim-fast has a website? You can make a plan to lose weight for a birthday, anniversary, or other special event. I don't think I'll be using it, since I'm not drinking 2 shakes a day, but it is probably pretty helpful for anyone needing some guidance. For me I think I'll stick to MFP.

What are your thoughts on Slim Fast?

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