Saturday, March 5

Seeing Green

(And this should have been posted on Thursday, I guess I hit 'save' instead of 'publish')

I know it is not on the list but I've been itching to paint the guest room. It will eventually become the nursery when we have kids, so I want it to be gender neutral.

I am opposed to yellow because it is supposedly an aggressive color.
from here
 I would go with blue because, well I love blue, but it can be made girly with touches of pink and purple.
I can't remember where this is from..
 I won't go with blue though because the office and bathroom are all blue too.

I thought about grey since it is a cool neutral, but maybe it would feel too cold?
from here

So anyway I decided on a shade of green. Which shade, I do not know. So I went to Home Depot and grabbed every green paint chip from every brand that wasn't too yellow, brown, or blue and slapped them on the wall.
Some are very yellow in the day light, and then nice and soft at night. Others are cool and sage-y during the day but dark at night. I think I'll end up with a mid tone, but I'll need feedback from Adam. A green that would go with the IKEA pillow I have in the room would be great, since we won't be changing any of the bedding or furniture before making the change- and who knows when that will be.
this is not the exact pillow, but it has the same pattern
Since I'm finished with Grad School, I'm trying to find stuff to fill up my time. Hopefully picking the paint color and actual painting of the room will take up some time- a week or two maybe?

What do you think?

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