Wednesday, April 27

YBB Review II

On Monday I tried the advanced portion of the Yoga Booty Ballet program. I was nervous when I saw it was nearly 70 minutes long! The regular portion is only about 45 minutes with about 10 minute segments for ballet, yoga, strength, and abs. I didn't know what to expect with the advanced program. Well there is no real 'strength' segment, no weights or ab work.

Here's the flow of the advanced program:
  1. Warm up/ cardio dance- compared to the basic warmup, this was definitely more intense. There is a lot more moves at a quicker pace. I like it, and this is what I thought YBB was going to be when I ordered it
  2. Ballet- the ballet skills build on the basic YBB ballet segment. You definitely need a strong core and good balance to complete all the leg lifts. I can tell I am getting stronger from the first time I tried the basic ballet lifts to the advanced (longer!) lifts
  3. Hatha Yoga- Hatha Yoga is intense, deep, stretching. My body doesn't stretch this way yet so I had to take a break for a small portion of this segment and modify the rest.
  4. Yoga/ cool down- This yoga is more simple than the basic yoga segment, very relaxing. It is actually the cool down so the poses are simple.
I like the advanced program better than the basic, but I will definitely sill use the basic so I can incorporate the strength and ab work into my workout. I will probably alternate days.

Want to get in on the workout? Check it out and order here.

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