Monday, May 2

YBB Review III

 The basic Yoga Booty Ballet program outline includes two days a week of the cardio dances- Cardio Cabaret and Hip Hop Abs. Neither of these videos is included in the package, and Beach Body does not sell them on their website! Somehow I thought to search for it on Amazon, and found copy for $8 (and free shipping!)
They are much more of what I thought YBB was going to be- a quick, 30 minute dance workout with a few minutes of ballet type toning and a brief yoga stretch/ cool-down. I can tell the basic and advanced programs have given me the basics to do some of the moves, and I do enjoy the workout. But I feel I get a much better workout from the basic and original segments.
So now I just need to get all the videos into a daily rotation. That, along with working out after school, should help me reach my weight loss goal.

BTW-Tomorrow is the final weigh in of the Biggest Loser Competition at work, I know I won't win (because I track all the weights every week) but I hope do be down a few more lbs- wish me luck!

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