Thursday, April 21

YBB Review

I have been working out with Yoga Booty Ballet for about a week and it is not what I expected at all. Which is strange because it is exactly what the title suggests it will be: Yoga- check; working out the booty- check; ballet skills- check. I guess I just thought it was going to be more of a cardio dance workout with a little stretching thrown in. Well it starts with meditation, then stretching before moving into the workout segments. And there is middle eastern music playing in the background, each segment ends with 'Namaste', and Gillian and Tiegh seem a bit strange. So during the first workout I was just in a state of "what is going on?" but after doing it again, and now for a week, I am letting go and getting used to it.

Here's the outline of the basic program (I have not tried the advanced yet):
  1. Warm up- Stretching
  2. Ballet- The ballet portion really is a pain in the ass, but that's what it is supposed to do. I can definitely feel my booty muscles working.
  3. Yoga- The yoga is not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I had taken a couple beginning yoga classes at the gym plus the yoga portion on my WiiFit. The stretches so far have been pretty simple but I still feel the burn.
  4. Sculpt- The sculpting portion is not bad at all. However I haven't been using any weights. I picked up some small 2lb hand weights (that's what Tiegh uses) today and will try using them tomorrow.
  5. Abs-Then comes the ab work. Man oh man does it kill my abs. You place the squishy ball between your legs which helps control and work out the lower abs. It is intense to say the least.
  6. Cool down- yoga and stretching
 So I am going to keep using it in the mornings, and work my way up to the advanced workout soon. My goal is to do this every morning and add another workout in the afternoon, maybe something on demand?

If you're interested in this, or any other Beach Body program (P90x perhaps?) get in touch with my sister, she'll guide you along.

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