Tuesday, November 1

This One Too?

Yet another curtain has fallen down because the screws came out of the wall.

I am blaming this one on Grover. He loves this room and if those little scratches under the window tell me anything it's that he tries to get up into the window to stare/ chirp at birds and squirrels.

Well I needed to shorten those curtains anyway (floor length curtains and baby that will eventually crawl and inevitably grab those curtains is not safe). So after fixing the rod (by trying 2 sets of longer screws, anchors, and finally moving the bracket about a 1/2 inch to the right) I started working on hemming the curtains. I don't have a sewing machine, and I'm not that great at sewing anyway, so I got out the hemming tape that has been sitting in my closet for a while.

But before the hemming process started, I flipped the curtains upside-down, so they will no longer be tab-top curtains. I just opened up the seams from the hem at the bottom to create the new pocket for the rod to slide into.
I don't have a seam ripper in my little sewing kit, but an exacto-knife works well too!

Once they were hanging the correct way, I pinned where I wanted the bottom of the curtain to be.

Making sure they were even, I took the first set down. I followed the directions on the package for the hemming tape, and it's really easy to use. As long as you make sure you hem the correct side.
I forgot to check which part of the curtain I was cutting off, and of course, cut the wrong side! Ugh. One curtain ruined. Luckily one of the windows is narrow so it's not a huge deal, but I felt like an idiot!

On the correct panels, I started by ironing the bottom to get a good crease in the fabric. Then I cut about 3 inches from crease, folded that to make a hem, and ironed again. Once the fabric had nice crease lines, I knew where to put the hemming tape and just ironed away.
much safer for baby stybs

Again, it's very easy to use, as long as you are hemming the right side of the fabric!


  1. We have to fix ours too! I decided not to shorten the curtains though. See how that goes...

  2. long curtains are probably fine except for a short period of time where the baby might try to grab them. I'm just concerned because if our baby is anything like Adam was (or like Grover is for that matter) things will get destroyed. So I want the curtains out of reach :)


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