Monday, January 16

At It Again

I guess I am nesting. And since we have no baby related things to clean/organize/set up yet I worked on completing the change from my office to our new guestroom.

I thought it would be fine to have both in the same room, but after Adam's suggestions of turning the living room into a full size dining room (which we have been discussing for a while) and moving my 'office' downstairs (where the baby will play) it made sense to make the room just a guestroom.

Last week we moved my desk downstairs, and that convinced me even more that it would be a smart choice.
So, while Adam was away on a work trip, I began clearing out the shelf in the living room, which was to move into the guestroom. This is basically our liquor cabinet. Totally not child proof. So by putting it in the guestroom we can shut the doors and not worry about baby stybs climbing the shelf or grabbing any glass objects.

I realized that we have way too many shot glasses for the amount of shots we take (which is 0), so they may have to go when we donate all the other furniture that has to go too.

We still need to get rid of the circle table, move the old office shelf to the basement, and donate the excess furniture (couches, dresser, coffee and end tables). That means calling for a truck pickup, and finding a time when we can get some strong people over to help get the stuff out.

I really want to get everything set up so I won't have to worry about it anymore, but I still have time... 11 weeks.. eek!

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