Saturday, January 21


Since moving my craft things/office to the basement, and the guest room into the office, so the old guestroom could become the nursery, Adam and I have started talking more realistically about changing the living room into a real dining room. We hardly use the living room (I sit there and listen to the radio as I wake up in the mornings) and our dining room is actually only a little nook between the front door and the kitchen. We have big plans to open up the kitchen doorway and remodel the kitchen- bringing it into the dining nook- giving us more cabinet/counter space.

All the big plans are not happening for a while, but after moving around some furniture, we decided to make the dining room transition now. We wanted to donate the furniture but I was left on hold for over 20 minutes with the Salvation Army, and Goodwill schedules furniture pick up 3 months in advance (kind of wanted it out before baby came). So I posted my frustration on facebook and immediately had some interest in the living room furniture. An old friend/ acquaintance from swim team has a new home they need to furnish and they are coming by to look at it/ possibly pick it up tomorrow.

That meant I cleaned up the room so it looks like this:

but that also means the dining area looks like this:

And the guestroom looks like this:

and of course the nursery still looks like this:

I can;t wait to get the furniture out and start getting the baby gear in. Only 10ish weeks to go!

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