Saturday, March 17

37 Weeks

Holy Crap I'm full term!
The nursery is ready. The car seat is installed. The hospital bag is packed. We're ready I guess, but I hoping to make it to 40+ weeks. I am due the first day of spring break; and the way my maternity leave works out, the day I deliver is the day my leave starts. So if I go early or over spring break, that's when my leave starts. If I deliver after spring break I'll be able to have a week off to sleep and whatnot before my leave starts.
This is how I felt all along- hoping I make it to 40 or even 41 weeks. Though I had said "I'll probably get to the end and say 'just get this baby out'". But actually, I've been feeling fine. No contractions or signs of labor (yet). I could easily go another 2-3 weeks.

Cravings/Aversions: I'm having a hard time deciding what to eat in general, nothing is necessarily appealing.
Weight: +30 overall
Morning Sickness: luckily I have avoided this for the whole pregnancy, but heartburn is starting to creep up every now and then
Energy: oh so tired. I love my days off so I can just nap or lay in bed.


  1. Congratulations on making it to full term! I hope you continue to feel wonderful. :-D

    1. I'm 40 weeks on Monday! Still feeling good, but baby is making no effort to get out... yet...


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