Saturday, June 16

1st Grade- in Boxes

Tuesday was the last day of school. I was planning to go in for the end of year luncheon, say goodbye to my coworkers, and begin to pack up my classroom. The plan was to start packing up Tuesday afternoon, continue on Wednesday (the professional day) and then recruit family members to help me remove everything on Saturday.

Well, Tuesday I read an e-mail that says Reminder, because of summer cleaning the third floor will be unavailable after Wednesday. If I didn't get my stuff out by Wednesday it would be stuck until August. I was in shock, and upset. There was no first e-mail, so I don't know how this counts as a reminder. So the plan quickly became who can help me get all my s*** out on Wednesday? Thanks to my dad everything was boxed up by 10:30am. And thanks to two friends (who were able to check out of their school that morning) and two co-workers (who watched Kate as we used the elevator to move everything) all the boxes were in my mom's CR-V and my friend's CR-V by 1:00.

Everything came home- since my school will be moving to a holding school in December, I didn't want to take everything and then move it again in a few months.

Then it came time to find a place to store everything.

Luckily, Kate doesn't have too much so we were able to commandeer her closet.

Everything else went to the basement.

I will need to go through all my books and activity books to figure out what will come with me in the fall, and what can stay behind until the spring. But I am ready (in theory) to start the new year. I already have tons of ideas, and lots of things to print from pinterest.

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