Thursday, July 8

Blue, White, and a touch of Black

I finished painting the black table white, and painting all the doors and trim the same color. Here is the finished paint job:

I do really like the blue and white color scheme, with a little bit of black thrown in too. And according to HGTV, adding a little black sharpens the other colors in the room.

But I still have some accessorizing to do. I need to figure out what to do with the printer/ paper holder under the desk:

And decide whether or not to paint the shelf (it is laminate) or install floating shelves between the door and closet. Also I have Adam's old mesh cube system that takes up a lot of space. I could reorganize again and eliminate some of the things, and add more shelves or something.

So far the only decorating idea I have is to take the big frame that held our wedding program and turn it into a cork message board.

Any ideas?


  1. I think the message board sounds like a great idea. I like the color! It looks like a different room.


    This post may give you some ideas. I like brown and blue too.


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