Wednesday, December 1

Baby Frame

In my parents' nursery hang two picture frames:

(sorry about the picture, it's hard to get a good picture with the glass)

One for Kaelyn and one for Madison. I made one for Laura when I was trying to plan another baby shower for her, but ended up canceling it because of weather, timing (too close to Christmas) etc... So I gave it to Mom and Dad and they put it up in the nursery. Then Baby Maddy came along and we couldn't just have K's picture up in the grandparents' nursery, so I made one for her too.

Now that Laura is 8 months preggers, baby due in January, I thought it was time JJ had a picture frame too. I picked up the frame and stickers at Michaels (without a 40% off coupon.. how stupid...) for about $10.

It's hard to take scrapbooking supplies and make it boy-ish. Everything is pretty girly but I found some stickers that would work. I hope everyone likes it. Now it will just wait for baby JJ to arrive.

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