Friday, April 15

Office Gallery Wall

A couple weekends ago Adam and I moved a lot of furniture around in our house. With the large table gone in my office, the wall was looking bare, and the memo board was off center from the new table.

So I decided to use the random assortment of frames I had and make a gallery wall.
They are everywhere now. Here are just a few:
From Young House Love
From It's Great To Be Home
From Centsational Girl
Taking cues from YHL in how to select the locations for each frame.
frames planned out on the floor
But I didn't go the paper route- which resulted in a few extra nail holes in the wall (which are covered by the frames so no worries). After getting all the frames up, and level, this it what my office wall looks like now:
I left the memo board where it was and placed the other frames around it. I kept a pretty level line at the top to give it a sense of.. balance?...structure?... a sense of something. Anyway I'm pretty happy with it.

The whole process took maybe an hour, but I have a horrible sense of time and I wasn't paying attention to the clock so it could have been longer.

What are your thoughts on gallery walls? Love 'em? Have one in your house? Think it's a trend that needs to stop? I'd love to hear what you think.

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