Thursday, April 14

Get a move on! (Part II)

Yesterday I showed you the desk switch and new placement of the Ikea couch in my office. Today I will show the bigger switch that took place- the coffee and end tables.
The tables upstairs are black and matched the shelf and dining table/chairs.
But the set we have in the basement is just too big for the space. We can only fit one end table by the couch, and the coffee table is in a weird spot against the wall.
So we made the switch. And let me tell you those tables are heavy! So Adam did most of the lifting (which he was thrilled super annoyed about)
So now the tables feel balanced better in the basement
and bring in a different wood tone upstairs to go along with the art and blinds already in the room.

So that is the progress on the house so far. But it won't be long before I tackle another project around the house...

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