Wednesday, April 13

Get a move on! (Part I)

In an effort to fill my free time now that I have finished grad school, I have taken to reorganizing and decorating my house. It started with my office which has been a work in progress since moving in. This will eventually be the guest room when we change the current guest room into a nursery (way down the line- no I am NOT prego) and I knew I would have to switch out the former dining table turned desk because it would be way too big once we put the twin bed in the room. So Adam and I switched desks.
large table takes up a lot of space in a small office
small round table is a much better fit
small table means big mess for Adam
big table gives more work space in the basement
 Which gave enough space for the tiny Ikea couch to come up from the basement (and more room for Adam to spread out downstairs).
tiny couch in a crowded basement
finds a new home in my office
Check back for the second part on the rearrangement of our furniture tomorrow.

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